For the last couple of days, when I go to shut the computer down, up pops a box that says Zone Alarm is not responding. When I reboot, the ZA icon comes up in the tray, but right or left clicking on the icon does nothing. If I hold the mouse curser over the icon, I get the popup message “Protection is up, UI is initializing”.

I just upgraded ZA this week. Since I can not open it to see what the version is, from the download file it looks to be

Duel Core Processor / 2 GB RAM
Norton Anitivirus

Please, no comments on SP2 unless the current version of ZA is only compatible with SP3, but there is nothing anywhere that says it is not.

What is wrong with ZA? Why is it doing this. I’ve been using ZA for so many years, probably since it first came out, and never had this problem before. No new software has been installed for months.