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Thread: Workaround for AVG Conflict "UI is initializing" Issue

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    I have a workaround for the AVG/ZA conflict ("UI is initializing") issue!!

    This was tested on my XP Media Center Edition 2005 system. I've not had a need to test it on any other system, but it should work the same across the board.

    The ZA Control Center needs to be accessible for this to work. You can't force the process to quit due to permissions issues, so you need to get AVG out of the way for just a few moments. To make ZA accessible once it's locked up, do as follows:


    I noticed that ZoneAlarm loads just fine when AVG is already up and running. Doing this enables ZA to still load upon each and every startup, but AFTER AVG's startup procedures are out of the way. (Note: this may Put your Computer at Rish for infection). There will be a short amount of time that there is no active firewall during startup, but (so long as you keep your number of startup items/services to a reasonable level) it should only be about 30 seconds or so. I did notice that this procedure alone reduced my initial startup time by about 10-15 seconds. Just be sure to do regular virus/malware scans to avoid any particularly insidious infections from being present and active during that initial 30 second period.

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    Quote Originally Posted by newtonmcnay View Post
    Now, with ZoneAlarm loaded properly:
    Open the ZA Control Center (double-click the ZA tray icon). Under Preferences (in the Overview section), deselect "Load ZoneAlarm at startup". Exit the ZA Control Center.
    Unfortunately this is highly NOT recommended. This way ZA can be easily tampered and rendered useless without the user even knowing it.

    In normal conditions the protection drivers are loaded very early in the booting process even before the user logs in. Unchecking the "Load ZA at startup" will not load these drivers.

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