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    Issue 1

    This version hangs when I start my PC and am not connected to the inet. The tray icon will be bold white and tool tip will show "UI is initializing". When I proceed to shut down PC there's a "program not responding" for zonealarm.

    Issue 2

    The tray icon only shows traffic momentarily (i.e. the start of a download). It was one of the best features and now its gone.

    Issue 3

    BSOD, during reboot initiated by installation wizard, as well as during the "set up my programs" part of the wizard.

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    Default Re: Version - Hangs, Traffic Monitor, BSOD

    Often this can be an indication of conflicting additional security programs, and/or perhaps MS windows requires some maintaince such as diskcheck, system file check, defrag, disk cleaning, and/or perhaps conflicting drivers/executibles from previous versions or other third party leftover files. Even damaged windows from malware events - after removal files and registry can be a little damaged - or from just general wear and tearing from long use.

    Me too. But one advantage of using the Pro version are the additional expert rules which allow me to create log and Alerts for defined traffic. Thus, I have the ZoneAlarm Security Alert appearing always on the desktop for all of ongoing http and https traffic from browsers, downloads and updates and such. This keep me on top of outgoing and incoming packets.

    Possiblely related to the #1. reply.
    Best regards.

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    Default Re: Version - Hangs, Traffic Monitor, BSOD

    Hello oldsod

    Ive been using zonealarm free for 5 years, this is the first version in which this (#1-3) occours.

    This is on a fresh install of windows. XP Pro SP2 CD > Hotfix 943232 > zaSetup_92_106_000_en


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    Default Re: Version - Hangs, Traffic Monitor, BSOD

    Maybe these issues are caused from the other installed security - the newer versions may have introduced the ZA issues.
    Enter the these files as exceptions- vsmon.exe, zlclient.exe, vsdatant.sys; and these directories as exceptions- C:\Windows\Internet Logs C:\Windows\System32\ZoneLabs\*, C:\Program Files\Zone Labs\* into the other present security applications.
    This should facilitate an easier install, if the other security is effecting the ZA install.
    Best regards.

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    Default Re: Version - Hangs, Traffic Monitor, BSOD

    The problem of zonealarm hanginging when the PC starts (i.e. UI initializing) also occours if it is connected to the internet and Automatic Updates (Windows Security) has an update ala a yellow security shield in the systray (Type of Automatic Update: Notify me but dont automatically download or install them).

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    Default Re: Version - Hangs, Traffic Monitor, BSOD

    Got the spybot's teatimer enabled? If so disable it and see how it goes.
    I'm assuming the avira is the free version, without the premium's added-in HIPS - which could be also troublesome.

    Auto updating issue maybe from ZA's program control needing adjustment or simply just allowing servers for the zones (along with accesses for both zones) in the ZA, for the window's updating files.
    Best regards.

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