I'm experiencing a real problem.

I've been a user of zonealarm for a long time, and currently have the ZA Antivirus edition.

If i watch youtube videos of very lowest resolution, they don't seem to be a problem. But if i watch videos of higher resolution it always starts going jerky, and the task manager tells me VSMON is taking up high cpu, around 50%.

If i watch videos of 360p it is jerky at first but then starts getting better.

If i watch videos of 720p it starts to be real hard to watch.

Videos of 1080p are impossible to watch, sound is find but picture goes maybe 1 frame per second.

If i shutdown zonealarm, everything works fine. The same problem is with another flash video website, it's not just youtube.

It is jerky only while the video is loading, and VSMON takes CPU while it loads the video. If i wait until the loading is finished, and start watching after that, there is no jerkiness! So it seems that VSMON "scans" the data somehow and makes the videos jerky. But i can't always wait for a whole video to load before i can start watching it, especially if it is a very long video.

I tried re-installing flash, firefox, Zonealarm itself etc. to no avail. Problem persists. I even used the appremover tool to uninstall the ZA.

System specs:

Windows XP Pro / SP3
ZA Antivirus
2 GB of RAM
Core2 / 6600 CPU

I'd like to keep using ZA, but if this problem can't be fixed i have to change the Firewall software