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Thread: Locking/Unlocking my Outlook PST files and hundreds of files that Id like to lock ?

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    Smile Locking/Unlocking my Outlook PST files and hundreds of files that Id like to lock ?

    Hi Guys
    Is it me or have ZA decided they've got too big to allow you to simply email a question and you have to go through the hassle of live chat???

    Perhaps you guys can help me as the product info is mainly sales orientated. Ive seen ZA's data lock products:

    1. Id like to specifically lock my Outlook PST files; is that possible using doc lock? If so, do I have to unlock to use Outlook?

    2. I have a number of specific folders some containing hundreds of files that Id like to lock; is that possible as with doc lock as well (Im wary of using data lock to lock my actual HDD in case of software problems)?

    Any advice would be very welcome.
    [/B]Graham[/B] :)

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    Default Re: Best Solution

    Sorry all users here, it should be clear that we cannot replace proper official channels and that the answer may be wrong. Accessing ZA staff is easy and on the spot thanks to live text chat. Email support was removed due to long reply cue (three days to get a response), many messages were filtered out as junk in users systems or at source (ISP). End results: extreme user disatisfaction.

    ZA Datalock provides transparent encryption of all main HD at pre-boot (before the OS boot). Your pst files or folders will be automatically encrypted if on your main HD. As far as I know there is no ad-hoc lock/unlock for specific folders. You will need to log-off from your account for the encryption to kick in.

    ZA datalock only works on laptop computers. No idea what is "doc lock".

    You may want to review the FAQ here:

    You may want to contact ZA customer support for more information. Link in my signature.


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    Default Re: Locking/Unlocking my Outlook PST files and hundreds of files that Id like to loc


    Fax is correct about the reasons we don't offer email anymore.
    High Customer dissatisfaction and timely response to emails were the main issues. Then so much email is spam blocked we send users emails and they never get them.

    With Live chat our average wait time for chat is 1 min or less. You get to talk to a real person in the USA. Live chat allowed us to offer for the first time 24x7 support.

    With email you would have to wait 24 hours minimum for a response or longer over a weekend to get help.

    User satisfaction with our support dept has soared compared to when we used to have email.

    As far as your question about DataLock. Its only encrypts the entire hard drive. We don't have a product that con encrypt folders or files only.

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