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    Default Password Setup

    I am using ZoneAlarm Security Suite V. 7.0.483.000 and I've setup a password to prevent unauthorized changes.

    However, when I tried to change settings of all the options, it doesn't request for a password. Usually, that shouldn't be the case.

    I wanted to enable "Parental Control" and it doesn't ask for a password. Why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mifzal View Post
    I am using ZoneAlarm Security Suite V. 7.0.483.000 and I've setup a password to prevent unauthorized changes.

    However, when I tried to change settings of all the options, it doesn't request for a password. Usually, that shouldn't be the case.

    I wanted to enable "Parental Control" and it doesn't ask for a password. Why?

    Normally, If you have a Valid ZA Security Suite License Key that has not Expired, I would Recommend that you Contact ZA Tech Support "Live Chat"

    However, the First thing Tech Support will Require you to do is to Update your Very old version of ZASS by Downloading and Install the Current version of Zone Alarm Security Suite

    Tech Support can no longer fix problems with Very Old Software that may have been Fixed Already with the New Update

    The latest ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite release is

    Here is a List of Changes and Fixes to ZASS since your version was released years ago..

    ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite version
    This update includes security and stability improvements, and fixes a rare file download issue.

    ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite version

    Performance and stability improvements:

    Includes Microsoft patch for Windows 7 and Vista systems:
    Resolves issues with running two security products at once
    Resolves Internet connectivity and stability issues, especially with Windows 7 64-bit systems
    IPv6 support now on by default for supported operating systems
    Fixed: Issue causing slow startup of Internet Explorer
    Fixed: Excessive hard drive activity issue

    ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite version 9.1.603.000

    OS support:

    Windows 7 SP1 BETA now supported
    Performance and stability improvements:

    Fixed: Issues that sometimes inhibited PC performance
    Fixed: Hibernation issues
    Fixed: Delays on initial loading of certain programs, including Internet Explorer 8
    Fixed: Crypt32 errors appearing in event log

    ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite version 9.1.507.000


    Browser Security can now be turned off and on from within ZoneAlarm
    Improved client analysis of threat events to feed into and improve Program Advisor for faster, more thorough responses to threat outbreaks and increased usability

    Clicking the "Check for Updates" button now includes a check for Browser Security updates
    Anti-virus scan speed improved, along with other minor anti-virus improvements
    Usability improvements to Anti-virus and Browser Security settings
    Browser Security Advanced Download Detection shows green alert when a download is safe and red when a download is dangerous.

    Other improvements:

    Improved anti-virus signature update reliability
    Various stability and performance improvements, including fixed issues shown below

    Fixed issues:

    Fixed: Contextual (right-click) scan doesn't work for shared network drives on 64-bit platforms
    Fixed: Service Control doesn't detect kernel4b.exe test from
    Fixed: Preboot screen still appears after system decryption
    Fixed: Scanning Status window sometimes freezes after resuming from sleep mode
    Fixed: Browser security does not detect Winamp Lite as good file
    Fixed: Heuristic anti-phishing doesn't work with French localization
    Fixed: Unable to use SnagIt program after disabling anti-keylogger
    Fixed: Anti-keylogger not working in IE8 when minimizing one window from two on Vista x64
    Fixed: Firefox "Add-ons" window always appears after "Clear Virtual Data" in Browser Security settings
    Fixed: Scanning Status window freezes while scanning network files (right-click scan)
    Fixed: Dynamic Trial Screen statistics display not working correctly
    Fixed: Installation on Vista Home Basic is not blocked (should be blocked because not supported)
    Fixed: IE8 Web-page Save dialog contains no file name in File name field
    Fixed: Anti-virus scan doesn't start during drive encryption
    Fixed: Wrong text in Recovery Wizard window when uploading failed
    Fixed: Blue screen occurred while browsing in Mozilla Firefox 3.5.3 on XP. Bookmarks and history cleared.
    Fixed: IE7 and Firefox won't launch after enabling Virtualization and setting Program Control to Max.
    Fixed: Anti-keylogger blocks all entered data after file download in IE6
    Fixed: It is not possible to type something in IE6 with disabled browser security on Win XP SP3
    Fixed: Browser security blocks "Snipping Tool" on Win 7
    Fixed: Blue screen sometimes happened before or after computer going to sleep mode
    Fixed: Windows shows alert during ZoneAlarm installation
    Fixed: Rare vsmon crash during ZoneAlarm upgrade
    Fixed: Slow ZoneAlarm update on Win 7 32bit
    Fixed: On Win 7, folder created called "ZoneAlarm" containing shortcut to Diagnostics Tool

    ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite version

    Windows 7 operating system compatibility
    Component Object Model (COM) monitoring (to stop advanced attacks that use the COM Windows component)
    Improved antivirus/anti-spyware with enhanced rootkit detection
    Improved status reporting during anti-virus updates
    Improved performance in Browser Security module
    Addressed a rare issue where keystroke encryption caused erroneous typing output

    ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite version

    Browser security fixes:

    Fixed: Unable to install Adobe Flash Player add-on under Mozilla Firefox 3.5.3 in Internet mode
    Fixed: Unable to install No Script add-on for Firefox when virtualization is enabled
    Fixed: Communication with Smart Defense Advisor.

    Other fixes:
    Fixed: AV DAT version is correctly refreshed after an AV update

    ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite version

    Browser security fixes:

    Fixed: Not possible to type in Internet Explorer (IE) 7 in Private browsing mode
    Fixed: System stops responding after opening PDF file in IE 7 and 8 on XP when virtualization is on

    Compatibility and Stability improvements:

    Fixed: Blue screen crash after starting IE 7 (if ForceField is set to manual startup)
    Fixed: Performance problems when using iTunes
    Fixed: Screen freezes during ZoneAlarm installation or configuration in some cases

    Other fixes:
    Fixed: Adding a firewall rule to block a specific hostname blocked all traffic

    ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite version

    New Browser Security:
    Advanced Download Protection:

    Detects the latest zero-day threats in downloads that you initiate-before they reach your computer
    Includes heuristic analysis and program check
    Can run and analyze download behavior in a virtual environment if necessary
    Spy site detection
    Signature and heuristic phishing detection
    Website safety check and rating

    New unified anti-virus and anti-spyware engine:

    Scans 80%-90% faster and combines anti-virus and anti-spyware into one scan
    More advanced scan options- riskware, ADS, heuristic scanning, and more exception options
    Additional on-access scan controls
    On-access scanning now detects spyware

    Program control features to stop advanced security bypass attacks:
    Timing attack protection
    Service control manager protection (not supported on 64-bit and Windows 7)

    Other enhancements:
    Many performance improvements
    Reduced number of unnecessary alerts
    Windows 7 ready (Free compatibility update to run on Windows 7 when it is released)

    Note: To streamline in an age where web privacy controls are built into the most popular browsers and email attachment scanning is included in the major email applications, privacy controls and inbound MailSafe have been removed with this release.

    ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite version 8.0.400.020

    Firewall Enhancements for the High level setting:
    Service Control Manager (SCM) monitoring to catch drivers being launched
    Raw disk access detection added to catch malware that tries to open the kernel memory directly


    Cleaner uninstall
    Automated Windows XP Service Pack 2 upgrade option
    Faster upgrade installations
    Vista Service Pack 2 support

    Fixed Issues:

    Fixed issue where Antivirus could not be enabled.
    Incompatibility issues with Remote Desktop connections have been resolved.
    Incompatibility issues with Cisco VPN have been resolved.

    Other Enhancements:

    Email security now supports 64bit Vista, IMAP accounts and the Windows Mail client
    Stability and performance improvements

    ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite version

    Added extra Conficker worm detection.

    ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite version

    Performance improvements:
    Improved system boot time
    Improved start-up time after hibernation and sleep mode

    Anti-virus improvements:

    Fixed automatic antivirus/antispyware update setting not saving in Vista (ZoneAlarm Antivirus and Internet Security Suite)
    Fixed view update not opening the update dialog (ZoneAlarm Antivirus and Internet Security Suite)

    Compatibility and Stability improvements:
    Fixed compatibility issue with Microsoft VPN
    Fixed occasional crashes in vsmon engine
    Fixed occasional hangs during shutdown

    Various other improvements:
    Various install and upgrade improvements
    Two security enhancements

    ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite version

    Fixed compatibility issue with Network Magic and networking software that comes with certain brands of routers

    ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite version

    Security improvements:

    Many Firewall/OSFirewall improvements stop more attacks, pass leak tests
    Enhanced self-protection. More hardening and other self-protection added to withstand an onslaught of attacks ("stability under fire")
    Early boot protection - new icon with a special tooltip now appears sooner during start-up (though security is active even before the icon shows).

    Enhanced: Root-kit protection within OSFirewall blocks more threats
    New daily credit monitoring - monitors your credit reports daily with email alerts and reports; notifies you if there have been changes because these are often an indication of identity theft.
    Newly updated Identity Protection Center makes it easier for you to protect your identity in the physical world too.
    Various antivirus and anti-spyware improvements.

    Performance improvements:

    Anti-virus: Scan modes added so you only scan what you need, increasing scan speed by 50% while still providing superior protection
    Improved reboot time, login time, session start, UI loading, various other performance improvements throughout the product.

    Ease-of-use improvements:

    New User Interface
    One-click Fix-it button lets you fix issues instantly
    Improvements in Smart Defense: Millions of applications have security access automatically pre-set so the user doesn't have to set them

    ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite version 7.0.483.000 <== Your Version
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