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Thread: Logmein & New Network Message

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    averla Guest

    Default Logmein & New Network Message

    New Network Message cannot be cleared when logged into a remote machine with logmein (free).

    The mouse clicks don't register; arrows/tabs don't move the focus, and enter is not recognized.

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    Quote Originally Posted by averla View Post
    New Network Message cannot be cleared when logged into a remote machine with logmein (free).

    The mouse clicks don't register; arrows/tabs don't move the focus, and enter is not recognized.
    It is Sometimes very Difficult to Diagnose and fix a Computer from halfway across the Country,
    without All the Details about your computer and Software that you failed to provide, without our ability to sit in front of your Computer monitor and see what's going on..

    *** NOTICE:

    It is normally Helpful when posting here to give full details of your computer setup.

    Give the Exact Type and version of Zone Alarm used,
    Windows Version used,
    other security tools installed.
    is this a First time install?
    Has ZA or Windows Stopped working recently?
    other issues?
    Error messages in the ZA logs?

    The More information you post the more likely users here will be able to understand the issue and try to help.

    also is this a DeskTop, Laptop computer or Netbook.

    Please List any other Security Programs installed as these programs may be conflicting with Zone Alarm.
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    averla Guest

    Default Re: Logmein & New Network Message

    I appreciate the reply, however the problem is not computer dependent.
    It's a matter that ZA Free and LogMeIn Free do not work together. Nevertheless, here is information on the computers I'm working on at the moment.

    Remote ZA Host: VIA K8, running Win XP SP(3). No AV. ZA Free latest version. LogMeIn Free latest PC version.

    Client: Early MacBookPro, running OSX 10.6. Latest LogMeIn Free Mac version.

    Problem actually extends to all ZA popup messages; e.g., "Sign up for Netflix, get ZA Security for Free".

    With older ZA Free, could control ZA monitor, and exit ZA. With current version, cannot exit ZA with exit command in Tray; monitor will open, active commands will highlight--update, tools, help--but will not respond. Cannot close monitor window by clicking X in upper right corner.

    So this nuisance has now been made worse, and intolerable.

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    Default Re: Logmein & New Network Message

    Yes, unless you can control ZA programs in term of "Trust Level" (super, medium, low) as in retail version I am afraid you will need to find a free firewall that allows to be manipulated remotely.

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    Default Re: Logmein & New Network Message

    This remote control app works great with ZA and has most of the features of Logmein. Plus its free for personal use.


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