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Thread: how do i turn in possible malware?

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    Default how do i turn in possible malware?

    Hi, my computer became infected recently. Others were able to type on my screen using a remote machine and I couldn't log into my PC unless an internet connection was active -- the screen just went black after I entered my password otherwise. I discovered that my winlogon.exe file was dated 1/15/2011 and the MD5 didn't check out, though the size was correct. When I reinstalled windows, it was still dated 01/15/2011. So I reinstalled from the DVD and installed all available windows updates and the timestamp was then 10/28/2009. I'm running Windows 7. I looked around on the internet for a place to report this file and, amazingly, didn't find one. I really don't want anyone else falling victim to this. Does anyone know who I should notify about this so virus scanners begin including this file's signature?

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    Take a few minutes to read a few of the Post at the Top of this Forum Section..

    Sticky: xyz was not detected. What I should do?

    Sticky: Malware Clean-up Guidance
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