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Thread: ZA Download IP Address

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    Question ZA Download IP Address

    I hope someone can help me understand this.
    My ISP is Time-Warner Cable RoadRunner.
    I have ZA Anti-virus/Anti-spyware installed (Version
    Occasionally when I'm updating/downloading files, I monitor the activity with Demosten's "Show Traffic". The source IP addresses, of course, vary according to the site. BUT, when I am downloading/updating ZA, the source address is "24.25.26.###"... which is a RoadRunner IP! What is going on? How can RR be the source of my update?
    Thanks for any help you can give me in understanding this.

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    Smile Re: ZA AV Download IP Address from Time Warner ISP

    I also use Time Warner Road Runner as my ISP..

    as a result of the Increased Attack level by Hackers, Spammers and BOTS,

    Most major ISP's now Filter traffic that goes through their Servers..

    This may be what you are seeing..
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