Recently purchased a new PC with 64 bit technology running Windows 7. Prior to this purchase I renewed my ZA Security Suite subscription for the first time in over 2 years on my XP machine. On my previous PC I was still running version 7.0.337 and was loving it. Well, with the new PC I downloaded the latest version of ZA Security Suite, and installed. My renewal came with 3 licensed registrations. So I was able to register on my new PC.

Well, when I got the new version up and running I noticed some settings missing. Notably, the ability to set permissions for sites on a individual basis. I have already contacted tech support 2 times to see why this option was removed. Both techs told me the same thing. They claim all the newer browsers have the identical ability to set site permissions. I am crying foul! If that is true then why I am not seeing it anywhere in my browser settings for both IE or Firefox?

This feature allowed me to stop annoying embedded audio/video to play automatically on sites by denying certain processes. I need solutions, as complaining really will not get me anywhere with Checkpoint.

Are there any 3rd party software programs that do the same thing that Zonealarm did a way with?

I really appreciate any help I can obtain.