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    I was installing onto a friends computer the other day and took him to my web site. ZoneAlarm put up a message the the site was dangerous and a known source of spyware infections. At first I was indignant but upon checking every file on the web site, I did find one piece of freeware that I offer for download to be infected with spyware. I don't have a clue how this file become infected becasue its a piece of software that I wrote myself.

    I have now removed this offending software and now wish to have the website restored to its 'clean status'. I have looked high and low, I cannot find out how I go about doing this. Does anyone know the steps I must now take to have my web site classified as clean?

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    Thanks to the Forum Moderator and Guru Fax for the following information..


    In this case and ANY website that's reported like this our software is working as designed and there is NOTHING that can be done to change it.

    Its the fact that the website is 3 month or newer.

    Its the unfortunate fact that hackers put up thousands of sites a day for Malicious reasons so we rate any new website like this.

    We don't have the staff to evaluate every new website in the world daily.

    So we go with just telling you the website is 3 months old or newer and let the person surfing make a decision to go to that website or not.

    We never say there is a definite threat on the website.

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    read the information and knowing where and how you had gotten there you can simply clicked on the "click here" link and are presented with this short message:

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