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Thread: interesting- only updates magor releases

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    ejcj Guest

    Angry interesting- only updates magor releases

    "Check for product updates: Automatically, feature Only Works if Checkpoint Marketing has turned on the Update Notice on the Distribution Servers at their end..
    They Usually Only do this for Major Updates like change from Ver 9x to ver 10x or Emergency Bug fix."

    I find this interesting. I too thought that updates are done automatically when checked, not just for magor versions. Unfortunately Zone Alarm Extreme Security is on my 16 year old's (girl) laptop's computer and I thought she was protected. And I am sure the version is from Sept 2010.

    Long story short- she has the win 7 security 2011 virus/trojan what ever and now I have to figure out how to remove it, since we can't run any *.exe file- we can't even run Zone Alarm to update it and maybe remove? Haven't tried "safe mode" yet.

    I have Norton on another laptop and it seems to always run the updates.

    I know this is a training issue for a 16 year old, however something a little more automatic might be a good idea, as she is on line constantly.

    At a minimum- I would think that there might be a ZA tool to clean this type of thing up, or at least instructions. I can't find anything here to really help. Maybe I am not looking in the correct forum? Any valid links/suggestions are welcome.

    Found info by "FAX" member- will try that.
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    Smile Re: interesting- only updates magor releases

    I'm Sorry that you Miss-understand the Proper procedures for Protecting and Updating Zone Alarm..

    Since you posted this Tread in the Anti-Virus section..

    You may be confusing Automatic Product Update with Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware updates..

    1.) overview/Preferences section Automatically refers to the Automatic Update of the Full Product..

    The "Check for Update" button on the far right (in Version 9.3) is a Manual Check for Update of both Anti-Virus and Product, but the Product part of the Check will usually result in a notice that "your Product is up to date", Unless there a New Full product available, once a new Full product is available for your type and version of ZoneAlarm, the Servers that handle that type of notice will be activated by Checkpoint..

    2.) for Zone Alarm Products that include the Anti-Virus features there is a Separate Automatic Update Configuration section in the "ANTI-VIRUS/ANTI-SPYWARE" Section that lets you specify how ofter to check for AV Updates and How Often to Scan and clean up thing that is found during the Scan..

    3.) to Cleanup and remove ("win 7 security 2011 virus/trojan")
    Follow all the Instructions in the Link Below..

    Sticky: Malware Clean-up Guidance <== click here
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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: win 7 security 2011 virus - scareware

    ejcj, for the infection of 'win 7 security 2011 virus' - please click here for help ->

    or here ->

    and/ or use the clean-up guide by fax.
    __________________________________________________ ______

    If you have have ZA Extreme - please look thru this - click here ->

    ~ always follow rules in post #4
    ~ to clean your pc - follow rules in link of post #2 - click here ->
    ~ I would recommend... install Malwarebytes - free version/ or paid
    ~ and always follow rules in post #4
    __________________________________________________ _____
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