Using ZoneAlarm Extreme Security and having problems when system goes into sleep/standby hangs with a dark screen.

When I use the mouse or keyboard nothing happens at first, then after a few minutes I very briefly get some kind of ZoneAlarm Alert that indicates some kind of alert for my screen saver…Which is the Boinc/World Community Grid screen saver.

I tried using the mouse or keyboard again nothing happens…system still hangs with a dark screen. I must power down and re-start until the next time the system goes into sleep/standby mode again…the same thing happens.

The system is Dell XPS Studio 435MT, running 64-bit Vista.

Hope someone can help with this problem everything was fine under McAfee Security, but after un-installing McAfee and in-stalling ZoneAlarm I am having this problem. (I did run McAfee’s “Clean-uninstall” after the initial un-install).