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Thread: Antiphishing is off

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    Question Antiphishing is off

    I have installed ZA free and Antiphishing is disabled, the Fix it button does not work, neither does the 'on' button , and the 'settings' button is greyed out all the time. I have tried numerous reinstalls, during the install I am warned that the ZA security toolbar cannot be installed without internet access, and prompted to restore the connection, when I am online all the time anyway.
    I am running XP sp3 with Mozilla Firefox 3.6 and IE 8.
    I have also tried a complete uninstall and earlier version with the same result.
    Apologies if this is the wrong thread, but I am new to this forum and can't find a way to post a new message!

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    Airstream456 Guest

    Default Re: Antiphishing is off

    Have managed to fix the problem by uninstalling Firefox, then removing and reinstalling ZA without any problem - Then I reloaded the new Firefox 4.01 to be informed of an incompatibility with ZoneAlarm plug in, one problem solved, another springs up!

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    Post Re: Antiphishing is off

    Solution already posted near top of the ZA Free Section in the Sticky Post..

    Sticky: Firefox 4.0 <== Click Here

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