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    I wonder if anybody can give me some help please (and I am somewhat computer-challenged, so please be gentle).

    I have Windows XP2000. I updated the Free ZA Firewall a week or so ago, and whilst doing so I remember there were a couple of hiccups so had to uninstall and start from scratch. Everything downloaded fine and in the Checkpoint, ZA is saying I am protected for Firewall and Anti-Phishing.

    Since then however, when I start up my browser (Opera), instead of a neat little window with my start-up selection already picked, the window completely fills the screen with the wrong radio button selected, and the OK button is 'off screen' so I have re-select my chosen start-up mode (Continue from Last Time) and hit the enter key. Opera then starts up normally with all the tabs open.

    I then get another window open headed "avgrsx.exe Unable to Locate Component" - "This application failed to start because MSCR80.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem." I click OK and a further window opens with a similar message referring to MSCR80.dll not being found but this time headed "avgcssrvx.exe".

    Has anybody else experienced these error messages, should I reinstall the whole thing again (given that I have already done this when I wanted to update)?

    I should add that I have opened other browsers; IE, Chrome, Firefox, and I don't get any error messages. It's only with Opera, and I've never had any problems with Opera and ZA before.

    Your help would be much appreciated.

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    unfortunately ZA does not support any version of the OS prior to windows XP SP2.

    Why is ZoneAlarm is not compatible with Windows 98 / 98SE / ME / Millennium and 2000?

    Any ZA version prior to version 9 is not officially supported. Its better you find a up-yo-date product that fully support your OS.

    If instead you use XP, first ensure you are on SP3 and all later patches been installed and try to remove ZA manually (to ensure all temp files are removed) and reinstall the latest version Procedure here:
    I cannot find or run the ZoneAlarm uninstall program (XP/2000)

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