I wonder if anybody can give me some help please (and I am somewhat computer-challenged, so please be gentle).

I have Windows XP2000. I updated the Free ZA Firewall a week or so ago, and whilst doing so I remember there were a couple of hiccups so had to uninstall and start from scratch. Everything downloaded fine and in the Checkpoint, ZA is saying I am protected for Firewall and Anti-Phishing.

Since then however, when I start up my browser (Opera), instead of a neat little window with my start-up selection already picked, the window completely fills the screen with the wrong radio button selected, and the OK button is 'off screen' so I have re-select my chosen start-up mode (Continue from Last Time) and hit the enter key. Opera then starts up normally with all the tabs open.

I then get another window open headed "avgrsx.exe Unable to Locate Component" - "This application failed to start because MSCR80.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem." I click OK and a further window opens with a similar message referring to MSCR80.dll not being found but this time headed "avgcssrvx.exe".

Has anybody else experienced these error messages, should I reinstall the whole thing again (given that I have already done this when I wanted to update)?

I should add that I have opened other browsers; IE, Chrome, Firefox, and I don't get any error messages. It's only with Opera, and I've never had any problems with Opera and ZA before.

Your help would be much appreciated.