I've managed to lock myself out of Internet Explorer, but cannot find how. I had the "IGive" toolbar on my system and yesterday IGVTT.exe came back with many prompts regarding access to the Internet. I wasn't here and my husband said "No" to everything therefore blocking igvtt from accessing the internet. Today when I tried to get on to the system I couldn't. I checked the ZA logs and found repeated times where igvtt.exe tried to launch "c:windows\system32\regsvr32.exe" but was blocked by my husband. I went in today and deleted the Igive toolbar and files associated with it hoping that would help but it didn't.

I then compared my laptop ZA settings against my other system's ZA settings and cannot find any variations. Is there anything you can think of that I can do to gain access to the Internet? I even tried shutting down ZA to see if I could get on, but nothing. Now here is what is really confusing me: This laptop will allow me to access my Gmail account, but won't let me go to the internet. The system won't allow me to use System Restore either. I've tried going back to a checkpoint time, and also randomly picking a restore point, but I receive error messages stating the restore could not be completed. Of course it didn't tell me why.
I graciously accept any suggestions you folks might have.
Thanks so much,