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Thread: malware not detected by ZoneAlarm

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    After my computer had been running strangely (long story), on a recommendation I downloaded and ran the free version of Malware-Bytes. It detected something called backdoor.IRCbot, which I had the program removed. Since then, my computer appears to be running more smoothly. Given the nature of this sort of malicious malware (worm?), I understand that it can be difficult to detect. What I'm wondering is this: is ZoneAlarm not designed to detect something like backdoor.IRCbot? I find it interesting that neither ZoneAlarm, McAfee, nor the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool could detect this bot, yet Malware-Bytes did (for all appearances, anyways). I am using ZoneAlarm Extreme Security on Windows 7 (64-bit).

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    Exact location of the infection? It could be simply a dead left over. In any case follow the directions detailed in the two sticky threads at the top of this section. I.e. "xyz was not detected" and the malware guidance.

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    Please Read ALL of this Sticky Post by Guru Fax, located near top of this Malware Section..

    Sticky: xyz was not detected. What I should do? <== Click Here
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