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Thread: Avira antivir update fails

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    Default Avira antivir update fails

    My problem is that my AntiVirus software (AVIRA AniVir Premium) will
    not update unless I turn off Zone Alarm first. I have tried to enable
    the update.exe file from Avira in the program control area of Zone
    Alarm but it just ignores me.

    I have removed all the Avira files from the program control area and then put them all back but it still does not allow the update.exe file so I still do not get automatic updates for this software.

    I do not know which part of my antivirus software is being blocked but I suspect it is the update.exe.

    How can I enable this access to the internet so that my automatic updates will pass through Zone Alarm and work properly please.


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    Default Re: Avira antivir update fails

    Exact version of ZA used? Version of the OS?
    Was ever working correctly? Had any crash, hangs, virus on the system?


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