I'm having the worst problems doing screen capture. It records a blank AVI (black) no matter what codec I use or what screen res/color depth I use. I'm on Win7 64bit, 24GB RAM i7-950. I'm using Zonealarm Extreme security version The capture program (CamStudio) worked on first install. But not after a reboot so I'm inclined to think ZA (black)listed some obscure process or is stopping the screen capture itself. I have the exact same problem with the trail version of Camtasia. Will work after install, but then same behaviour -> black screen. I've checked all the background processes including Recorder.exe *32 that is active during capture to no avail. Running as admin or in WinXP sp3 compatibility mode, turned firewall (ZA) off, etc... I'm at my wit's end on this one Any help or pointers would be greatly apprciated. Thanks.