A few weeks ago I was doing some urgent work that involved multiple cut & pastes etc. into OneNote from several other programs. Once I used the wrong shortcut keys for the window/program I was in, this caused ZA to pop up a message saying a stability problem had been detected & would I allow monitoring (sorry can't recall the exact message). I clicked "no" but then repeated my mistake and this window popped up again, in my haste I clicked "yes". Which was OK, as I didn't really mind.

Ever since them there has been a lot of traffic which I've now had enough of. I'd like to stop ForceField monitoring my programs and reporting back but I can't find out how switch this off.

I did a complete uninstall (and also checked as per the long manual procedure on this forum that all componets were removed). I then did a clean install to be certain no old settings could be copied over to new ZA install. But there must be a file related to the reporting to as it's still doing this. (BTW. I've done a whois lookup and this domain is legit, reg. to Check Point, visiting it displays a message about how to reinstall ZA etc., though I don't believe I have the problem it relates to, everything seems to be working fine)

Here are 2 lines from Network Monitor showing FF sending data to ZA

76 11:21:36 AM 13/05/2011 1.2744851 ForceField.exe HTTP HTTP:HTTP Payload, URL: {HTTP:2, TCP:1, IPv4:1}

77 11:21:36 AM 13/05/2011 1.2744851 ForceField.exe TCP TCP:[Continuation to #76]Flags=...A...., SrcPort=49409, DstPort=HTTP(80), PayloadLen=1452, Seq=1816531802 - 1816533254, Ack=1830300464, Win=16591 {TCP:1, IPv4:1}

So if anyone knows how to stop ForceField monitoring my PC please I'd be grateful!