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Thread: Major Virus Attack/ZA Extreme Security Failure

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    Default Major Virus Attack/ZA Extreme Security Failure

    Two weeks ago, my computer was hit with what I was told was a "TDSS Rootkit 4005" virus. I am running ZA Extreme Security. I have automatic updates set, and I scan my entire system every night. Despite all of my precautions, this virus attacked my computer and corrupted Windows 7 without even the slightest warning from ZA Extreme Security. It's as though ZA Extreme Security did not recognize the virus.

    With my wallet now $96 lighter for computer repairs, I am now spending my time reinstalling all of my software.

    Has anyone else ever experienced such a complete failure of ZA Extreme Security?

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    Default Re: Major Virus Attack/ZA Extreme Security Failure


    I understand your frustration but no security tool can cover 100% of malware out there, if ZA is configured properly and with good attention from the users your system can be efficiently protected and your data kept secure without the need of piling up security tools that often help the infection to get in rather than protecting the system.

    I would suggest you read carefully this thread:
    xyz was not detected. What I should do?

    You should have not spend any money in fixing the PC, by following the steps in this thread:
    Malware Clean-up Guidance

    or by getting voluntary free support from bleepingcomputer or spywarehammer forum (links in the Guidance) you would had your system fixed. Moreover its not the first time you post here, so you should have seen the malware section here...

    TDDS malware is often embedded in fake antiviruses and fake tools, these needs to be installed with the consent of the user. So, more attention on what you install is key to keep your system clean. Also ensure forcefield virtualization is ON in your ZA Extreme to avoid drive-by-download infections.

    If your system is used by others ensure they connect with another account with limited user rights and protect ZA with a password to avoid been shutdown or uninstalled.

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