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Thread: Forcefield database updates; question for Moderator

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    Default Forcefield database updates; question for Moderator

    I know standalone version of Forcefield will be retired after ZAES Version 10 comes on the scene, and only the integrated Forcefield will be available. However, I'm wondering if the database updates (the anti-phishing and antispyware databases) for the standalone version will stop immediately, or whether they will continue to update for yet a while. Or will standalone users have to migrate to ZAES 10 immediately to stay protected?

    Thanks for any info. I suspect the Forum Moderator may have to chime in and answer this one, since other users likely wouldn't know. I know they're not planning to do any more program updates, but as far as the databases I'm hoping they don't "pull the plug" on the database updates immediately. Thanks!
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    Default Re: Forcefield database updates; question for Moderator

    Its best to upgrade to Extreme. Its un-clear if they will continue because the technology of the standalone version is not the same as the Extreme version.

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