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Thread: lsass.exe permissions and trust

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    Default lsass.exe permissions and trust

    There is a Windows XP file lsass.exe in the Windows system folder. I want to restore some permission settings, but since it's only for a file or two, I don't want to do a complete database reset. Does anyone know the default settings (trust level and access) for lsass.exe? In ZA, it is in the program list as "LSA shell (export version)", and I don't remember how many checkmarks and trust bars it is supposed to have. Thanks!

    PS--This is the "legit" Windows file lsass.exe. I'm not concerned about any malware, etc., which can sometimes masquerade.
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    Default Re: lsass.exe permissions and trust

    Just in case you get no response from other users, you can simply set the smartdefense for the file to "AUTO" and wait sometime that permission are updated from the central ZA database of known good/know bad applications. This may need a reboot of the system or an actual use/access of the file before the permission are updated.

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