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Thread: Unknown DAT files in temp folder

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    Default Unknown DAT files in temp folder

    Using ZAP 93037, and standalone ForceField, Windows XP. Lately I've been getting some unknown DAT files in the "documents and settings/user/local settings/temp" folder that appears to be dated about the time ForceField shuts down when shutting down Windows to end a session. I don't know for sure they are related to ForceField or not. They are always exactly 1,626 bytes in size, and have a file name in the format below (but the actual letters and numbers appear to vary randomly with each session)


    Sometimes there is one at shutdown, sometimes two, but each one is always 1,626 bytes in size.

    I tried to "open" one with Wordpad, since that often allows one to see some evidence of what program might have created it. But when I open one of these, only thing I see is some "machine language" with unknown symbols and code, so I can't trace it to a particular program.

    Has anyone else noticed such files in your user/local settings/temp folder (not the Windows/temp) ? Thanks.
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