I am running ZA Free version at the end of May 2011, and I am still plagued with the "New Network Found" window on two desktops connected directly, and a third one connected wirelessly, to my 3Com 3CRWE554G72T router. Each time, I give the new network the same name as the existing one, and add it to the "trusted zone". Afterwards, I note that it never adds duplicate entries in the Firewall Zone chart.
All desktops are running Windows XPH SP3 and only the wireless one had this fault before I replaced ZA version 102 with version 106. I uninstalled and cleaned out all ZA files, and did clean installs on all PCs without improvement. The other protection programs on the PCs are AVG 10, Ad-Aware 9.0.6, Spybot S&D 1.6.2, Spyware Blaster 4.4
I know this subject has been raised many times, I think I must have read most of the threads.
On July 16th 2010 the Forum-Moderator suggested "The database files that store configuration information for ZoneAlarm may have been corrupted."
On Dec 9th 2010 the Forum-Moderator stated "We have determined the root cause is corrupt database files and we have a fix for this coming in the next major release in 2011."
If he was referring to version 106, it only made matters worse. If not, then when will the "next major release in 2011" arrive? As version 106 also brought frequent "Protection is up, UI is initializing" failures, and the "Anti-phishing" mode now always switches itself off each time I start a PC - I am considering regretfully ending more than 10 years reliance on ZA. My wife is making life **** over it!