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Thread: Problems with leaking ports?

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    Default Re: Problems with leaking ports?

    This very well can be the router or device providing NAT to your PC. If the router has a firewall then scanning result will be difficult to know what is giving access to those port. Every router on the market nowadays has a firewall built in.

    Also these port look like they belong to an application on your PC in-fact the application your doing transactions with.

    Port 256 does not have have any know app uses but is listed for TCP/UDP as RAP. We have no idea what RAP is.

    257 (Secure Electronic Transaction), 258 (Yak Winsock Personal Chat)

    Maybe that will help you.

    ZoneAlarm will only open these ports if an application or something on your PC asks for the permission and was automatically configured by ZA or you allowed it.

    ZoneAlarm support will not be able to troubleshoot your connection any further than what you see here.

    You been given all the facts and sources and now its your responsibility to figure out the sources.

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    Default Re: Problems with leaking ports?

    I'm aware that it's my responsibility, and wasn't looking for anyone to solve my problems. I was just looking for some guidance. Thanks.

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    Smile Re: Problems with leaking ports?

    Quote Originally Posted by pixieperf View Post
    I'm aware that it's my responsibility, and wasn't looking for anyone to solve my problems. I was just looking for some guidance. Thanks.
    The Moderator has provided several directions for you to look at to resolve your problem..

    However, if you need guidance in Reconfiguring or updating your Router..

    the Following web-link has two pages of information on how to properly configure routers, including a Video with hands on instructions..

    I hope this help somewhat..


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    Default Re: Problems with leaking ports?

    In Linksys WRT54G router on the Security tab is a box to check in order to block unsolicited connections coming from the Web. On that page is a checkbox called "Block WAN requests" in the original firmware.
    It's described on page 47 of the .pdf manual.

    I don't use original firmware (Hyperwrt instead), but I'm sure the Linksys firmware will block unnecessary incoming trash. All their routers do.

    RAP is routing access port

    Something native to checkpoint-1 ??

    Port 38 is for RAP as well, might be on a different system

    Nirsoft can tell which application is listening on those ports
    Make sure you grab the 64-bit version.
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