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Thread: Closing Port 135 < Instead contact the PC manufacture

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    Default Closing Port 135 < Instead contact the PC manufacture

    I checked my port status at GRC and saw that 135 was open. I followed the steps located at:

    and everything went swimmingly. So I went back to GRC, rescanned and it was still open! In my system configuration utility, it is called an essential service that I can't uncheck and it shows it is still running!

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Default Re: Closing Port 135

    I would be very careful about this. If it is that essential for you PC then if you figured out how to kill the app or service that using it then your PC may experience some kind of issue.

    I would not recommend you dont try and stop this. Instead contact the PC manufacture and ask them what is installed that requires the used of this port.
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