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Thread: Forcefield, ZAES, and Prevx

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    Default Forcefield, ZAES, and Prevx

    I saw an old post where Guru FAX had mentioned a program PREVX as a complement to ZA. The Prevx website says it functions OK with other security products even with active realtime monitoring and even with another AV program. I'm curious how well it works with ZAES, specifically the Forcefield portion; if there is any problem in configuring and operating those 2 products together.

    And for any beta testers, does ZAES 10 with its ForceField work OK with Prevx 3.0 and SafeOnline?

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    Some feature of SOL will overlap with ZA EXtreme features in forcefield and the two may not work as intended. The only way to know is to try it on your system.
    A good combination could be ZASS and the free version of PREVX/SOL. Minimal overlap and good complementarity.

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