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Thread: ZA 6.5 - Version "End-of-Life"

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    Default ZA 6.5 - Version "End-of-Life"

    After reading this:

    I wonder if all current versions of ZA have a built-in "End-of-Life". If I am perfectly happy with my current version will a day come when I get an error message and have to upgrade or uninstall?

    Please only reply if you know the answer.
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    Default Re: Version Timebombs

    Sorry all user here and ZA does sporadically monitor this board. If you have a valid license you better contact the official support.

    We can't really address here problems of ZA design or question that can only by answered by ZA staff. This is a user to user forum for addressing common product related issues. Please note that any digitally signed file/executable are linked to a digital certificate. This has normally a starting and ending date. You should be able to check yourself this data from the file. No need of ZA support to do this.

    Closing this thread since the post is off-topic.

    Thank you in advance for you understanding and support.

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