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Thread: Updating My 2011 Vers. Z/A Extreme to the 2012 Vers.

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    MyGoodMan Guest

    Default Updating My 2011 Vers. Z/A Extreme to the 2012 Vers.

    My Sys.:
    *Vista Home Premium 64bit.
    *ZoneAlarm Product currently installed - Extreme Security suite 2011 (Ver. (with valid subscription)

    I had contacted "Support", in a nutshell, whether my "ZoneAlarm Extreme Security suite" (2011) would automatically be updating itself to the "2012 " vers.; which I thought it should do. But what I got was a link to this file - "ZASPSetup_100_240_000_en.exe". I then asked if I needed to "uninstall" what I already have installed, he said, NO. That answer left me with some doubt, my question therefore is, Is his enumerated methodology correct?. I have a critical interest in the "2012" ver. because of the "Browser Protection" feature's support for the I.E 9 and Firefox 4.

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    Default Re: Updating My 2011 Vers. Z/A Extreme to the 2012 Vers.

    Here is what works for me..

    I would suggest don't attempt to upgrade ZA Ver. 10 on top of an older version of Zone Alarm.

    Do this:
    Uninstall your current ZA, next download and run the ZA clean up tool.

    Click here ==>

    Then after the PC reboots, download this version of Extreme version 10. (2012)

    Click here ==>

    Then run that ZA 10 Installer installer.
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    inewington Guest

    Default Re: Updating My 2011 Vers. Z/A Extreme to the 2012 Vers.

    Does this mean that I won't automatically be updated with Windows 7? I still have 606 days of my license remaining - I expected to automatically update - I have had no protection on Firefox for several weeks already.

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    Default Re: Updating My 2011 Vers. Z/A Extreme to the 2012 Vers.

    Automatic update is turned ON after several months or weeks. This is to minimise troubles of updates for users.

    If you want to be protected now, download the latest version and upgrade. It is better you remove your previous version and install the latest starting from a clean install.

    Licensing is not made per version but per type of product. If you have a valid license of ZA Extreme you can update, free of charge, to any latest versions of ZA Extreme. Also note that with a valid license you can contact, free of charge, the official ZA technical support at the link in my signature. We are all users here.

    Please also consider not to hijack other users threads. Open yours, give always enough details for other users to be able to assess your situation and may be trying to help.

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