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    Default ZA Extreme Browser Security Error

    I am continually getting a Zone Alarm message that tells me to 'SUBMIT ERROR REPORT' and then goes on to say that as I have submitted one today do not send another until tomorrow. (or words to that effect) How do I get rid of it?

    My pc is an HP Pavillion all in one with windows 7 operating system. I am not trying to perform any particular function but this error message appears at completely random intervals but never less that about a half a dozen times an hour. It makes no difference whether I am surfing the web. e-mailing or updating my web site, the 'blessed' thing just keeps appearing!

    For halfway across the country read - halfway accross the world, I live in Mid- Wales in the UK.

    I am repeatedly getting messages when I log on saying ' Zone Alarm Browser Security' 'Submit Error Report' this is showing on a large 'label' . Then I get another message with the same heading on a smaller label that also says 'Problem With Stability' and asking me to postpone sending more information. I have had this problem quite a while and even went to 'Techinal' who advised to me uninstall ZA (Extreme) and then reinstall. It did not work! How an I get rid of this 'blessed' problem once and for all?
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