XP SP3, Windows firewall inactive, AVG Free 10.0.1382 .

I renewed my ZAP, and installed ZAP on it without the security toolbar.

About shows:
Zonealarm PRO Firewall
ZoneAlarm version:
vsmon version:
Driver version:
ZoneAlarm Browser Security: 1.5.310.0

Although the security toolbar isn't installed, but I have web security installed.
Because I don't need it, disabled (couldn't uninstall) the Zonealarm Security Engine 1.5.310.0 extension in FireFox 4.0.1, and disabled (OFF) Web Security in ZAP Firewall Show Monitor program.
Is this all, what I can do ?

According to task manager Forcefield.exe doesn't run, but ISWSVC.EXE does - as I know this is part of Forcefield, that is doing web security.

Can I uninstall or remove only web security ? Maybe Program Files\CheckPoint\ZAForceField\Uninstall.exe will only uninstall it, or it uninstalls the full ZAP ?

I found in Windows Control Panel list of installed programs only Zonealarm Pro, can't find a separate web security only removal.

If I uninstall here Zonalarm Pro, can I re-install it without the web security somehow ?