I somehow managed to get the toolbar working! YAY! I could get the site status icon, private browsing icon, everything!

But then my PC hung for some reason - no response (task manager wouldn't appear) and I had to do a forced shut-down. That was when it went down hill after that - I couldn't get the site status icon or the private browsing icon to appear in FireFox 4.0.1; I could get the "Z" icon on the left-hand side and it's search box, the little spanner on the right hand side worked (both before the forced shut-down and after), but the two icons decided to not appear after the forced shut-down.

My experience with ZAES (whilst I got the toolbar to work) felt buggy to me still - one such experience is that in FireFox 4.0.1, if you have virtualization enabled and then click on "Private Browsing", a new window appears but the blue strip saying "nothing is being recorded" does not appear - exactly like Sky Soldiers posting.

Also, the security toolbar felt better when using IE8 for some reason than FireFox 4.0.1 - despite the fact that the private browsing (and it's little blue strip) worked in IE8 when virtualization was enabled (unlike FireFox) - I'm not sure if extensive testing was conducted with users using FireFox 4.0.1 but it didn't feel that way as I was using FireFox 4.0.1.

I'm still unsure what my next move is - I currently have ZAISS 9.3 installed and might try to install version 10 and see if that works (if not I'll revert back to 9.3); though I wish Extreme would work, I like using ForceField and I like the concept of it with its virtualization software...