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Thread: Can't enable AV/AS

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    Unhappy Can't enable AV/AS

    Started up laptop today and found that AV/AS is disabled. Clicked on the FIXIT button on overview and get message 'Please standby' then goes back to AV not properly set. If I go to the AV/AS menu, and click on either the UPDATE button or the link "Click here to update now and re-active scanning", I get a box that says Task Finished - AV/AS is up to date"

    I am running ZoneAlarm Extreme Security v9.3.037.000
    AV/AS engine v, DAT v1054101664

    on machine running XP SP3

    Can anyone help?

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    Default Re: Can't enable AV/AS

    I recoment that you Uninstall ZA Extreme 9.3 and install a Fresh Clean install of ZA Extreme 10, (Please take note of your License Registration key..)

    Here is the links to Version 10 of ZA? Direct links here:

    Remove all ZA 9.3 left overs with this before installing (it will remove all ZA versions in the PC, if any): (ZA Extreme) (ZA Suite) (ZAPRO) (ZA AV)


    Here is a Quote from the Forum Moderator, this problem is more previlent with Windows XP, than with Windows 7 computers.

    AV updates and how there done are VERY time, and resource intensive.

    Unfortunately there nothing much ZA 9.3 can do about it because its just how Kaspersky's AV update engine works and we cant fix there code.

    Many many times AV updates will bring a system to a grinding halt so you cant do anything until it has finished.

    I seen this on XP SP3 system and Win 7 systems, with slow and fast performing systems.

    Some systems with a P4 and 1 meg of memory perform better than a quad core Win 7 system and visa-versa. So even that latest technology can have this issue sometimes.

    But the MAJORITY of ZA users don't have these issues. Its not wide spread over all AV users.

    The next Major release of ZA 10 (Released June 7,2011) will incorporate a brand new Kaspersky engine and new AV update system that will improve performance some.

    Its not going to fix everyone since each persons perception of what is fast and acceptable is different.

    So hang in there, AV update performance improvements are coming.

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