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Thread: Uninstalling ZAP 9 before new install version ZAES 10

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    Default Uninstalling ZAP 9 before new install version ZAES 10

    When uninstalling ZAP 9.3 by Windows add/remove programs, I presume that runs the program "cpes_clean.exe" as part of the uninstall process. Is that enough cleaning prior to installing ZAES 2012? I have seen references in some posts to a "clean.exe". Is that a different file than "cpes_clean.exe"? If it is different, should it also be run after using add/remove programs to remove version 9.3?

    Is "clean.exe", if different, used to clean after uninstall of version 10 or version 9.3, or both?

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    Here is a Quot posted by the Moderator on how to upgrade to ZA 10
    that was posted as a Sticky Post near the top of this same section of the Forum, if you had taken time to use the Forum "SEARCH" button.. or read a few of the Sticky post first..

    I would suggest don't attempt to upgrade on top of an older version of ZA.

    Do this:
    Uninstall your current ZA, next download and run the clean up tool.

    Then after the PC reboots, download this version of Extreme version 10.

    Then run that ZA installer.

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