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Thread: [SOLVED] DNS Error on website after installing ZA Free --> Not a ZA issue

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    chemwiz1 Guest

    Default [SOLVED] DNS Error on website after installing ZA Free --> Not a ZA issue

    Since installing the latest version of ZA Free, I keep getting a DNS error for a specific website while using IE8:

    ** Snip ***

    I called the company, and they said the website is up and running.

    So far, I have not encountered this problem with any other websites.

    While the DNS window was open, I clicked on the ZA Toolbar Site Check, and it stated that the website is safe, so the site is being accessed. Something is preventing it from being brought up into the browser window.

    I think it's some sort of conflict with Quicktime, which I believe the site runs.

    Any ideas of how I can access this site?
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    Default Re: DNS Error on website after installing ZA Free

    The site works perfectly fine here. So it must something at your end.
    Also it is a link to a med prescription / commercial site. So cannot be posted here. Further active links will be considered spam and the message removed.

    Try to right click the ZA icon near the clock and shut ZA down. Does the site work now? If not, its not ZA.
    Unfortunately ZA free offers no official support.

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    Default Re: DNS Error on website after installing ZA Free

    Since its a dns error it could be an issue with you ISP and the DNS servers they run that you use to look up websites.

    We would never be able to re-produce it ourselves becasue we dont use the same ISP as you.

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    chemwiz1 Guest

    Default Re: DNS Error on website after installing ZA Free

    I've fixed the problem. It was a problem with the site's attempt to run Quicktime after I'd installed the latest free ZoneAlarm.

    I went to the Quicktime website, and when the IE8 notice about the site's wanting to run an ActiveX program came up, I clicked on it and selected "Allow to run on all websites."

    Then I was able to open the above specified website.

    Apparently, the Quicktime ActiveX link got broken upon installation of the free ZoneAlarm.

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