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Thread: Remembering a program's configuration

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    Default Remembering a program's configuration

    I'm running ZASS v.10 (latest update) on a WinXP SP3 PC.

    I have a program that starts up with Windows called John's Background Switcher (as the name suggests, it changes the background on a timed basis, similar to Win7's Background Slide Show option). Every time I boot up, I get the message from ZA that (paraphrased), the program is trying to run each time the computer starts, what do I want to do? I click on Allow, but the next time I boot, the same message is back.

    Is there a setting that I may have missed that allows it to start up without notifying me each time?

    If you need any other info, I can provide it as necessary.


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    In version 10 this behavior should no longer happen.

    Can you upload your logs so that we may look over them.

    To do this goto Start, Programs, Check Point, ZoneAlarm,
    Run the ZA diagtool

    Check all the boxes under the logging section.
    Click OK
    Now shutdown and reboot your PC.
    After its booted up and the application pops up again and ZA asks you to allow it do so and then open the Diagtool utility again.

    This time click on the collect logs button, enter your email address, and in the case number filed enter your forum name: akaoperator

    no changes to any other option and submit the logs.

    Then send me a private message here in the forum you done that and the logs were successfully uploaded.

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