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Thread: ZoneAlarm Security Engin 1.5.310.0 and FF 5

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    Default ZoneAlarm Security Engin 1.5.310.0 and FF 5

    Anyone have any info on the compatibility of ZoneAlarm Security Engine and FireFox 5? Has anyone modified the add-on so that it will load under FF 5 and found ZoneAlarm Security Engine to work properly?

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    Default Re: ZoneAlarm Security Engin 1.5.310.0 and FF 5

    Firefox 5 just became officially available today.

    ZoneAlarm does not support Firefox 5 at this time. We are working on an upgrade so that will be supported.

    ZoneAlarm will support IE8, IE9, FF3 and FF4 with current 10.x versions of ZoneAlarm.

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