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Thread: ZA Free Security Service Agent -popup?

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    Default ZA Free Security Service Agent -popup?

    ZA Forum,

    I have ZA Extreme Security 9.3.037

    Today I Received a popup to download
    "zone alarm free security service agent.
    Includes new antivirus, enhanced cloud security"

    Options were only to Update now, or be reminded.

    Is this offer coming as update/part of my current product? There was no option for me to check "Never" in frequency of reminders. I already have anti-virus with my current product.

    (( what I'm asking is... is this pop-up legitimate ))

    Thank you,

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    Default Re: ZA Free Security Service Agent -popup?

    sorry we are all users here, If you have a valid ZA license Please contact the ZA Customer support at the link in my signature and discuss the pop-up notice with them.

    Note: Zone Alarm Extreme Security ver. was the New Version of ZA Extreme, and a notice has been sent out to users of ZA Extreme 9.3..
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