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Thread: [SOLVED] ZoneAlarm won't install --> Back to previous version

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    Question [SOLVED] ZoneAlarm won't install --> Back to previous version

    I have upgraded from ZoneAlarm PRO 9.x. I uninstalled the old version and downloaded ZoneAlarm PRO 10.240. First problem was when it was installing and hung on the Microsoft VC++ when it was 100% done. It would not go to the next step. Had to physically pull the battery out of my laptop to get it to re-start. Upon restarting, I tried to uninstall the new version and it went to 25% and hung. Used the task manager to stop it. Did another install over the top of the new version to see if it would go further and complete the install this time. It went thru most of the install until it hit the "Configuring ZoneAlarm Security...". It's been sitting at 40% for the last 1 hour.

    What is going on here? How can I get this thing to install? Why is it doing this?

    Windows XP Pro SP3
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    As an update, I tried uninstalled the new version of ZoneAlarm Pro and it stops at 25% and just sits there and doesn't do anything. I tried using the clean.exe that was mentioned and it hangs at 12% and does nothing. So now I can't even get this off of my laptop.

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    Update: I was able to go into Safe Mode and use the clean.exe to get rid of everything. I re-installed an older version 9.1. I'll have to download the new version again sometime and see if I can get it to work again. I wish the download manager was not on there and that it was just a straight download of the file.

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