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    My OS is Windows 7; ZA;
    While using Mozilla Firefox v.5, a page opened by itself in my browser taking me to ZA page about the Community Toolbar. I could not seem to leave until I allowed the toolbar. Once I did that, it somehow disabled features on my browser and there were immediate problems. I am unable to do anything on the browser now, I can click on something one time .. after that nothing works. It locks up and freezes. I have to use my task manager to close Firefox. I had to open up IE to post this. How can I remove this Community toolbar?

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    Default Re: Community Toolbar with FireFox 5

    Please read the Moderators Sticky post at the top of the "Web Securitry/Browser" section..

    Here is a Quote:

    Firefox 5 support

    Firefox 5 just became officially available today.

    ZoneAlarm does not support Firefox 5 at this time. We are working on an upgrade so that will be supported.

    ZoneAlarm will support IE8, IE9, FF3 and FF4 with current 10.x versions of ZoneAlarm.

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