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    Default ZA 100-241 settings

    It installed ok but how do I regain control of:

    a) downloaded program access and server rights? Having used ZA for a long time now - 8/9 years I have observed almost every downloaded program will be "given" server rights in both the trusted and internet areas. I immediately disallow those rights. Just why does any download need server rights? This new version (100-241) has not got that sort of control.
    How do I regain it?

    and b) privacy settings which have been progressively slimmed down over the last 2/3 years are now gone entirely. How can I regain control of those?

    Finally, because I think I know what the answers to a) and b) will be; how do I uninstall this version and go back to 9x-x? The tool bar icon no longer has a right click>uninstall option. So how do I get rid of this thing?

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    Default Re: ZA 100-241 settings


    a) There are the same type of control. Just you need to find your way in. You may want to look to the online help (help --> help) to familiarise with the interface. Generally, the advantages of twiking ZA program control for trusted software have very limited security advantages as compared to the potential issues related to blocking legit software.

    Conflicts are not always easy to trace back to a changes in program control especially because they may only happen in specific circumstances. Its more important to ensure your system is fully up to date (check for vulnerabilities of software installed), your ZA updated and always active and functions like virtualization (in Extreme version) turned ON.

    b) This is an old issue since the release of ZA version 9. Discussed several times in here. Just search the board there are several posts that suggest complementary tools to deal with ads/cookies/etc. See here for an explanation why the privacy control was removed.
    I have upgraded to ZoneAlarm 2010 (version 9) and I no longer have my ad-blocker, cookie blocker or Privacy Controls.

    ... and by the way, you are already posted a very similar question two years ago:

    Finally its normally not a good measure to use outdated security tools. You may want to use for a limited time version 9. Anything older may pose security risks. Running old security tools is like running no tools. Better to move to something else but up-to-date.

    Always remember that as licensed user of ZA you can contact, free of charge, the ZA technical support at the link in my signature. We are all user here.

    Hope this helps.

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