It installed ok but how do I regain control of:

a) downloaded program access and server rights? Having used ZA for a long time now - 8/9 years I have observed almost every downloaded program will be "given" server rights in both the trusted and internet areas. I immediately disallow those rights. Just why does any download need server rights? This new version (100-241) has not got that sort of control.
How do I regain it?

and b) privacy settings which have been progressively slimmed down over the last 2/3 years are now gone entirely. How can I regain control of those?

Finally, because I think I know what the answers to a) and b) will be; how do I uninstall this version and go back to 9x-x? The tool bar icon no longer has a right click>uninstall option. So how do I get rid of this thing?