On June 5th, I attempted to renew my Zone Alarm Extreme Security Suite. To buy it new was cheaper than the renewal so I did so.

I downloaded the file ZASPSetup_en, but could not save it to my desktop because there was a file of the same name from last year so I added “-11” to it. All went fine. I believed this was the new software, however when I opened it, it downloaded another file; I’m assuming the actual software. I wanted to save it, but windows warned against it stating that the publisher could not be verified. I assumed it meant I could not save it to my desktop because of that. Eventually I just opened and installed it and everything is fine. Except for the fact that I realize now that I do not have a copy of the software on my computer and I am purchasing a laptop which I would like to also use it on. The version of Zone Alarm which I purchased and am using is

Today I got a reminder that there is an update. I downloaded Version 100_243_000 to my desktop. It has underscores between the numbers instead of periods, is that normal? I opened it and windows alerted me that the “Publisher could not be verified” and the file also states “unkown publisher”. The file also has a different logo than my previous Zone Alarm downloads. I have kept them all on my desktop over the years even as I updated. I opened up a couple of the previous versions and the publisher is Checkpoint Software Technologies, Ltd., however, unkown publisher is listed on the latest version. Does this sound suspicious to anyone? Also, is this new version a complete file that I will be able to transfer and use on my laptop, or is it just an update? The file size is smaller than the previous version. If it is a complete file, I assume I will not have to worry about re-downloading the version I do not have backup for. My 30 day download window is from June 5, 2011 so I am running out of time if I need to re-download it.

Thank you for your help.