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Thread: ZAP version 10 inhibits DAemon Tools SCSI driver

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    Default ZAP version 10 inhibits DAemon Tools SCSI driver

    I would like to report a problem I encountered during the installation of the new versions and of ZoneAlarm PRO. (v10.0.241.000 not tested).
    After the installation of ZAP, Daemon Tools Lite (v4.40.2 of January 20 2011) went searching for a new driver for its virtual CD drive. Instead of a SCSI connection driver, it found another type of driver and installed it. As my knowledge in operating systems is limited I could not retrieve information about the TYPE of driver it found, although its new name in the device manager was “DT bus…. something” and it was from Microsoft. Daemon Tools continued showing a virtual CD drive and I could mount an image on it. I didn’t test it further though. However by changing that CDRom drive driver, Daemon Tools Lite interfered with a burning driver of Power2Go, a Blu-Ray burning application of Cyberlink Blu-Ray Disk Suite that came with my Plextor Blu-Ray Burner. It would crash each time I tried to start it.
    When I dismounted the virtual CD drive, Power2Go worked properly again.
    The previous version of ZoneAlarm Pro allowed Daemon Tools Lite to install a SCSI driver for its virtual CD drive, and therefore Daemon Tools Lite didn’t interfere with Power2Go then.
    This was confirmed after I reinstalled an image of my system drive made before the version change (from v9 to v10) of ZAP. And exactly the same happened again when I installed ZAP v10.0.243.000.
    My one and only SOLUTION:
    Dismount the virtual CD drive, uninstall Daemon Tools Lite and install Slysoft’s Virtual CloneDrive. That software was allowed by ZoneAlarm Pro to install a SCSI driver for its Virtual CD drive, and Power2Go could operate normally.
    Here is my configuration:
    Windows XP SP3 in French, up to date
    ZoneAlarm Pro in English
    Daemon Tools Lite v4.40.2 in English
    Cyberlink Blu-Ray Disk Suite v6.00.2806 including Power2Go v6.1.0.4112 in French
    Nero burning suite v9.4.44.0b in English
    Motherboard Gigabyte GA-X48T-DQ6
    CPU Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650
    Graphic Card MSI GTX 280
    RAM Corsair DDR3-1600 4 x 1GB
    DVD drive Plextor PX-820SA
    BLU-RAY drive Plextor PX-LB950SA
    Hard Disk drive Seagate ST31000333AS 1 TB

    May be it is a case worth presenting to the technical team.

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    Default Re: ZAP version 10 inhibits DAemon Tools SCSI driver

    Sorry all users here, you need to report to official ZA technical support. Follow the link in my signature.

    If you have not seen it yet, please read also here:
    FYI: Daemon tools and Forcefield

    Click here for ZA Support
    Monday-Saturday 24x6 Pacific time
    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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