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Thread: Can I go back to 9.3.037 from 10?

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    Default Can I go back to 9.3.037 from 10?

    I just upgraded my computer from Windows XP to Windows 7. I have had so, so many problems with v10 that I uninstalled ZA Extreme and am using Norton trial version. I want to go back to ZA v9. Can someone please provide me with the download link?

    Thanks so much for help!

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    Default Re: Can I go back to 9.3.037 from 10?

    1.) You may have opened up a new can of Worms when you upgraded from XP to Windows 7 without properly uninstalling ZoneAlarm or any 3rd party Security programs before installing Windows 7..

    2.) Now you must also make sure that All traces of the trial Norton is removed first.. otherwise Remaining Remnants of Norton may Conflict with either ZA 10 or ZA 9.3..

    3.) here is the download link you asked for:

    ZoneAlarm Extreme Suite -
    Previous version Click here
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