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Thread: vsmon - 4 minute boot up

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    Question vsmon - 4 minute boot up

    On my Win7 64bit PC, I have very long boot up times - almost 8mins from cold. Using Soluto to see what is happening, vsmon is reported as taking just over four minutes of the 8 minutes.

    Is this normal or is there anything I should check? Using ZASS

    Any help appreciated.


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    Default Re: vsmon - 4 minute boot up

    other security tools installed? Did your PC crashed or hang recently?
    What is running apart from ZA when this happens? Is an issue from when you installed ZA or only happen recently? Have you tried to reset the ZA settings? Have you tried to update to latest ZASS 10?

    More information you will post more likely other users here will be able to help. Otherwise, as licensed user of ZA you can contact the official ZA support at the link in my signature.


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