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Thread: svchost.exe can't delete registry entry

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    Default svchost.exe can't delete registry entry

    Windows XP SP3
    ZoneAlarm Pro version:
    vsmon version:
    Driver version:
    ZoneAlarm Logging Client v10.0.243.000

    I have the following "blocked" entry in ZALog.txt log after every boot:

    OSFW,2011/07/12,06:34:32 +2:00 GMT,BLOCKED,Generic Host Process for Win32 Services,E:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe,REGISTRY, DELVALUE,,HKLM\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENTV ERSION\RUN,StillImageMonitor,

    Generic Host Process for Win32 Services (svchost.exe) settings (default) Smartdefense System, all 4 rights allowed, trust level Super.

    What's the reason of this error ? As I see, the registry doesn't contain this StillImageMonitor, and I don't know, why svchost wants to remove this from registry.

    Maybe somebody saw something like this.

    This blocking causes no problem in working.


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    Default Re: svchost.exe can't delete registry entry

    I have the same problem as you.
    I wonder what it really means. The "more info" does not show much useful information.

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    Default Re: svchost.exe can't delete registry entry

    Is everything the same ? OSFW...BLOCKED,Generic Host Process for Win32 Services,...svchost.exe,REGISTRY, DELVALUE,,HKLM\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENTV ERSION\RUN,StillImageMonitor,....

    This means that svchost.exe wanted to delete that value - it' s non existing - from the registry (at least ZA think this). I don't know, what want svchost.exe really do, but it's sure, it doesn't cause problem, when ZA doesn't run.
    I get this everytime I boot windows.
    I contacted already with the support, and the supporter told something like "it's not a ZA problem".

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