Hello folks,

To start with my info,

I'm using the latest version of ZA extreme security that is 10.0.243 on trial first. I'm using the same on Windows 7 Ultimate retail 64 bit.

There is no other AV/firewall installed. I have even turned Windows defender and firewall off. Im using the same on I7-920 stepping E processor.

Now with my problem,

Under expert rules i was creating a group of protocols. I mentioned the group name, wrote description and then selected few protocols such as In TCP(http 80), (https 443) and domain UDP (DNS 53) so finally when i was about to press OK to save the group it did not allowed me to press OK and save the group.

Secondly when I edit any of the selected protocols i was amazed to see that I selected TCP ->HTTP but now its changed to TCP->any and protocol was still 80 just the name changed from HTTP to ANY.

Any issues with new package? As i have some more issues with expert rules.